chem2bio2rdf Development Space Setup


The subversion repository is

The web interface is located at (this is read only):

You can find more information on how to use subversion in the online red book:

The following user have write access to the SVN repository:
Bin, Dazhi, Huijun, Xiao

How to import the repository to your local machine:

If you only want to use subversion without eclipse, do this:
svn co ./chem2bio2rdf

If you want to use eclipse to manage your code, please install the subclipse plugin and the m2eclipse plugin first.
Then do new->Project
In the popup wizard window, under "Maven", select "Checkout Maven Projects from SCM", click "Next"
Choose "SVN" in SCM URL, then enter "" in the text box after it. Click "Next"
Choose "Use default Workspace Location", click "Finish".
You should now be able to work on your project.
Note! Please change ".project", ".classpath", ".settings", "target", to svn:ignore before you commit any changes. These should be your local settings and they need to stay local. If you don't know what this means, please let me know.

How to compile

To compile on command line, make sure you have maven installed. Here's how:
To compile your code, just run
mvn compile
To run unit testing, run
mvn test

Where are my codes?

Maven automatically layout and manages code for you. Please read this if you are not clear: Maven Standard Directory Layout