Semantic Link Association Prediction (SLAP)

SLAP is a statistical model used for predicting chemical & gene/protein association on the virtue of well integrated semantic data. It is able to capture the indirect relation other than physical direct interaction. Here is link to the interface.

CID: 5591 Gene: PPARD
where you could see their stong relation although no experimental data is reported

CID: 5591 Gene: PPARG
where you could see their direct relation. Click the edge, you would see the datasouces recording this association.

click the compound gene coocurrence, you would get the literatures.

CASE3: 77999 GENE: CA4
Not direct binding, but somehow associated with each other.
, rosiglitazone treatment was capable of inducing the homologous genes (CA4 and CA2)

CASE 4: smiles: COC(=O)[C@@H]1C2CCC(CC1c3ccc(I)cc3)N2CC=CI
gene: SLC6A3